International HFT company operating in the
Intelligence at the service of the future
most competitive industry
Our approach is a combination of state-of-the-art research, leading technologies and power of human intellect
We have assembled a strong team of developers and data scientists in HFT field, including 10+ Kaggle Masters and Grandmasters
Our headquarters are globally dispersed
We have become a leading player in the industry in a short time
We are scaling permanently both in team size and quality level
We are based in dubai ю
You can choose one of our global offices or work remotely from anywhere
discover our officeS
Every single person in our team can code
We use various tools and trade on exchanges and markets globally
We own state-of-the-art hardware and continuously enhance it
ambitions, accuracy, efficiency, and competencies are the core of our culture
We are different, but we all share talent, limitless and structural thinking
is a concentrated intellectual work, decision-making freedom and absence of routine.